Change – Do you embrace it?

I recently broke down and upgraded my well used and much-loved Rugby cell phone. I replaced my beloved phone with a Blackberry. My Rugby was durable, utilitarian, user-friendly, and comfortable. It didn’t have a lot of bells and whistles but was perfect for my needs at the time.

As my business thankfully grows, I have discovered that my needs have changed. Wouldn’t it be great to have my calendar and email at my finger tips whenever I’m away from my desk? No more waiting 3-4 hours to respond to a client or forgetting about an appointment until it is too late. As I described my new-found needs to the cell phone rep I was assured that a Blackberry was the way to go.  So, after swearing I would never own one, I sold out and am now the new owner of a Blackberry Curve, and happily so.

As I was sitting there dreading the thought of parting with my Rugby, I thought “Is change really so bad?”. I believe people in general have misconceptions of change.  I, however, have discovered that change can so many times be a positive experience that brings about new beginnings – even it means the end of something that was once good as well.

From a business perspective, we learn that changes need to be continuously made to allow our business to grow and to keep up with industry standards. We also need to allow change so we are better able to meet our clients/customers needs.

So, my question for today is this: Do you embrace change or shy away from it with the hope that it doesn’t have to be done? If you are like I once was and dread the thought of change, I ask that you sit back and think about all of the ways change can positively influence your life and inspire greater things to come. Before you know it you’ll be handling it like a pro and embracing the many changes you are sure to face in both your personal and professional lives!


Jessica Blankenship – Owner – Bookkeeping Etc.


2 Responses to “Change – Do you embrace it?”

  1. Jingle Says:

    of course, everyone embrace changes, they have to.

  2. jessicablankenship Says:

    No, not everyone embraces change. Yes, people DO have to deal with changes in their lives, there is no way around that. However, even though they must deal with it, does not mean they embrace the experience of changing. They can still dread change and see it as something negative versus something positive.

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